Book of the Week.

I just thought of this new sequel I made called book of the week, cause not only do i download a lot of books from wattpad, but I also would like to share with you guys, the books I would think you guys would like! 😀

He was cool. Ari3II3



He was cool…

Action #450

89 parts / 275 pages, updated Jul 09, 2011PG-13Completed

( TO READ THIS STORY YOU NEED TO BE A FAN! IT INCLUDES: Geller High and He was cool) A hilarious love story about a girl named Mercury & Aphrodite who meet each other in the end to help each other realize what love truly… read more

7,261,020 reads votes 55,934 comments 13,435
This is one of the ‘MOST’ funniest book I have ever read,  and also the most weirdest, unique, and thrilling books I have ever read in wattpad!
I read it two times now…. and I must admit, I am still thrilled!

2 thoughts on “Book of the Week.

  1. Hey I was wondering if you have the book downloaded because this has been taken off wattpad by the writer and I wanted to read it again because it never faded from my memory and it reminded so much of the memories associated with that happiness.

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