I didn’t steal the pen…. I adopted it!

Oh you poor lil’ pen! Come here to mommy, I won’t keep you on the floor.

Let me start off with “It’s their fault they left the poor poor pen alone!”

I mean, who wants to waste a good looking pen? I usually just wander around with my classmate, found a pen on the ground, pick it up, test it out and write on my hands, and put it in my pocket. My friends will be like “Did you just steal a pen?” and I’ll be like “Nope, I adopted it…” or “It’s their loss” and shrug.

There are times when my friends ask to borrow a pen ’cause theirs doesn’t work or they forgot their pen yada yada yada and I’ll be, like “Okay, its in my pencil case which is in my bag” and they’ll be all “Why can’t YOU get it? it’s YOUR pen!” and me being NOT good at sarcastic comebacks will be all “I’m too lazy!!” and they’ll just give up and get the pen by themselves, but if I was good at comebacks I’ll be, like “Your the one who asked!” which I will use next time they will complain >:). So anyways back to the topic, when they take the pen, their like “Heeeeey, this is my pen!” and me being my sneaky self will be all “Oohh, it is? I just found it lonely on the floor and decided to foster it before the real owner comes…” in which they’ll just nod to. I AM FREAKIN’ DUMBLEDORE!!

Most of the pens I find actually have good inks. Some of my friends will ask “Can I have this…” and I’ll reply “Yeah! It’s not mine anyways” and they’ll look at me with the ‘are-you-crazy!?’ face. LAWWWL!!! ❤

Amalayer? Nope! Amadopter 😀



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