UPDATE (Nov. 28 2012)

All my fishes (except the snails) have gone to my uncles aquarium! 

My Apple snail died unfortunately, BUT my zebra snail, is currently the most long lived pet I have had in my life 😀 Its been 1 year since I have gotten him/her, but now, he is not alone…

My parents bought me….


but I didn’t know, if I did, I wouldnt have bought it because, one, IT GETS BIG (sixteen inches) and is quite AGGRESSIVE , but my parents bought FOUR because my mom thinks that they need to be in groups (WRONG), they are territorial fishes, but seems to be okay with a few other fishes (if fed well). So I may have to remind my parents, They could give me a gift, but not one that breathes… BUT THANKS ANYWAYS!


RIght now, they are currently living in a 10 gallon tank, I know its harsh and you guys don’t have to spit that on my face, but of course, we will give them away…


Usually, if my parents buys me a living thing, it would either be sick, or the wrong thing to buy, and which I would shout at them for. But now, I am a big girl, and part of me has to control that anger, I mean, I am quite happy that my parents would buy me an oscar for I have been wanting one, but they are high maintenance pets, they need a heater, a 40 or 55 gallon tank, filterS (they create a lot of mess!) clean water, and they eat LIVE FOOD (but not necessarily)…

I have heard that some of them enjoy being petted, which is quite a bonus (but be careful for those who are curious to find out, they have a hard bite!)

So all in all they are AWESOME pets, but they need some extra work taken care of….

So THINK TWICE! unless your really in love with these animals…


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