This is me – MFDYP


This is me by Mary (MFDYP)
When you sense the fear of saying something wrong.
You Stutter and open and close your mouth.
When your shy and scared of being bullied.
When your getting bullied all along.
Oh Lil’ girl open your mouth and shout to the world your free.
Oh Baby its okay to be scared, but you should crush the fear away, and shout to the world “This is me”.
When your lost and cant find your own, way home.
And a random person shouts that your all alone.
Compose yourself and dont let your anger out… Cause your better than that.
And when you feel yourself breaking down. Alone. Scared. Spinning around. Dont forget that He‘ll keep you safe and sound…
Chorus. (2x)
Hey guys! Im soooo freakin’ happy because I am able to complete a song! Yay! Im gonna be recording it and posting it here someday or somehow so be sure to be updated! I had the inspiration to write this song, because my mom was a little disappointed in me for not speaking up for myself. I was in a bus stop telling the bus driver directions to my house and I ended up getting lost, I decided to just follow the person closer to my house because I was embarrassed, then this random dude shouted “OMG you dont know your own house?!” and I just wanted to break down at that point and punch his face, but I was able to control it, No I didnt count to ten, but I thought, “What would God do?”… So I made this song 🙂 Hope you guys like (The lyrics for now).


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