Contentedly Sick?

Dec 11 2012

Your Pain Can Help Bless Someone Else

I feel sick, scratch that I am sick, but I feel happy, contented, and in control. I feel like, I am not afraid to die. It is quite ironic, cause when I was young, I was terrified of death, especially one’s I see in movies. SCARY. But now, I feel calm.

Being the sick person I am now, I found that my mom is the most caring person in the world, no matter how much she doesn’t understand the way I communicate with people and think that my hyperbolism is insane, she cares for me and my sister equally.

And for once, I wasn’t snappy at my sister when she annoyingly copied EVERYTHING I said, and it felt quite good to be able to keep control of my anger.

Contentedly sick? You could say it like that ;D

Note: I wrote this on Dec. 11 2012, so I am actually recovering from my fever now, if you guys were wondering 😀


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