I just found the BEST COUPLE <3


I can’t believe I haven’t seen it in this point of view, but they are absolutely the best couple evah!

My parents…

Before you ask, they are the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of each other, and I don’t mind listing them…


She is strong, doesn’t back down.

She fights for her and her family.

She is an extrovert.

She laughs a lot, especially at my dads lame jokes.

She finds my dads “toys” very annoying (and by toys, I mean technology)

When she sets her mind on something, she won’t give up.

She is quite moody at times (Who aren’t?)

She loves shopping (*Scoff* Don’t most girls?)

She’s my mom


He is calm and patient.

He is shy and quiet.

He is an extrovert.

He makes his family laugh at times when we’re supposed to be serious.

He has TONS of lame jokes in mind. (One’s which would make me, my mom, and lil’ sis laugh like there is no tomorrow)

He is a HUGE “Computer Freak”

Focuses on one thing.

He loves robots, electronics, technology, anything related to those.

He likes to show off. (Sorry dad, but you do)

He’s my dad

And because of their OPPOSITE-ness they “Complete” each other *Sighs dreamily*

Me and my dad are REALLY close, we understand a lot about each other, that’s because I inherited MOST of my personality from him, but I did get some of moms personality as well, but most are from dad 😀

Anyways… they met because my dad will never give up when it comes to something he loves 😉 and guess what! My mom found him… weird! (Bahahahaha) I won’t put much information ’cause THIS IS THEIR LIFE for pete’s sake! ……… I’m just there to interfere it……

I LUV THEM TO PIECES… even you lil’ sis… *Sigh* they are absolutely the BEST couple I have seen so far… don’t you guys agree?

God works in such Mysterious ways…


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