Merry Christmas Guys! <3 In Advanced… AGAIN


Filipinos like to celebrate Christmas VERY early, I find it quite amusing. They start putting decorations at either September or November which is 3 to 2 months BEFORE Christmas!

But just a reminder, we are not celebrating the date but the history that there is a savior.

In the bible, there is nothing written about Christmas, and there is nothing said that we should celebrate, then why are we celebrating?

Good question, well the answer is YES, it is not mentioned in the bible, but it is also NOT mentioned that it is not allowed to celebrate Christmas, so, I don’t find anything wrong with Giving thanks to the Lord.

Celebrating Christmas:

  • Celebrate Christmas with our hearts rejoicing to the coming Messiah.
  • Honor God.
  • Celebrate Christmas with God’s message.
  • Christmas is a time to remember that Jesus came to earth to save us from our sins.


Credits to:

Adonai Christian Church


Pastor Jabez


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