New Books! Thank you Ariana! <3


OMG! This is like the BEST gift ever given to me! I am reading Divergent now and I cant wait to read its sequel Insurgent

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! THANK YOU ARIANA F.! I might have been shy in opening it in front of you, okay SO shy that I ran… sorry… but this is awesome! Thank you (1000000000 x) ThAnk you!

It also contains a booklet which was unecessary, but who wouldnt want a booklet? especially for the book divergent? huh TELL ME!

Haha okay enough of the ‘excited’ me, my hands are literally sgaking as I type this on my phone…. hehe….

So, Thanks again to my classmate Ariana for giving me THIS! and I swear, it is totally better than buying a pet, worth it! 😉

Before you guys ask, yes, I told her to buy me a pet, I admit…

And I dont really know how to end this… so… bye?


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