The Ghost (Dedicated to Angeline A.)

DSC_0103Dec 6 2012

One of my friends, Angeline, told me to write a poem about the story that she made (which is untitled for now), the story was quite humorous and the main character is actually a girl, but this poem’s P.O.V is the boy who was able to see Alice (girl’s name) , sooooo, here yah guys gooo 😀


Young and Innocent,

The presence I feel…

In the dark, I felt her spirit stir…


Green her eyes did mesmerize me,

Hair was loom, skin was pale,

Her spirit calmed me.


Who’s this girl? My conscious would ask,

Curious was I to comprehend.

The love I felt, I try to mask.


This is “the ghost” that calms me.



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