The Adventures of Ellie and Edmond


We’re staying in the arctic today to meet one large and fat animal! What do you know, they have tusks just like Ellie! Do you have your coats on? Let’s go meet this great holiday animal!


    Range/Habitat: Arctic/water, shoreline

   Diet: Carnivore: shrimp, sea-snails, fish

   Length/Weight: 9 ¾-12 ft/ 1 ¼ -2 ¼ tons

   Conservation Status: data deficient



Fun Facts:

  • Walrus are large marine mammals with flippers.
  • Walrus eat prey off the bottom of the oceans and use suction to eat.
  • They can stay underwater for up to 25 minutes and can dive down to 330ft deep.
  • They are highly social and often are seen in large groups, called herds.
  • Male walruses are twice the size of females.
  • They have rough wrinkly skin and very whiskery faces.
  • Walruses have tusks of ivory. They can grow up to 3…

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