My Life with Christ.

Words, trigger emotions and stabs like a knife.

Some are said, some not done, some gives pain to their lives.

Who thought that one word could shoot like a gun, too fast for the victim to go hide and run.

To murderers, who regret and now covered in gloom.

The pain they have given, made the victims go prune.

Though knows not of the victim who hides in their shadows, that revenge does not make the lifeless shame go shallow.

The hurt and the pain turned to a never ending cycle.

For no one forgave, just like our Heavenly Father.

To those, whose conflicts are similiar to these, choose your words, forgive, and do good deeds.

To those, whose gone deeper and now realized their mistakes, just pray and pray for God’s vows ne’er forsake.

– Mary Pacis (M.F.D.Y.P)

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