My New Story Idea!

I have a new story in mind, and like every single time I get an idea, I always tell to myself “This story is going to last!” but it always ends up abandoned…

I am still not sure if this story will continue, but I would like to share my idea! So here’s the summary of the Story:

What don’t I know about you?

Book Cover

Book Cover

New Apartment. New Car. New Life. It all sounded so good, to finally grow up, where no one could stop you from doing what you want… Well that’s where were all wrong…

Nelli Henderson just came into her new apartment to be engulfed by loneliness. This is officially one of the WORST days of her life! Late for work. Queuing in a long line just for coffee. And bumping into the rudest, most arrogant stranger she has ever met! Who also managed to be… her boss, Von Walden.

Mean, arrogant, and rude. Nelli held a huge grudge on Von, and a teeny weensy crush. Who knew the rude, arrogant boss could also be hot, sweet and kind. But it is driving Nel crazy! What’s with the mixed signals? What is he hiding?

What don’t I know about you?


That’s the idea I have in mind! Hope you guys likey ❤


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