2 day stay in HK

August 7, 2012

This was supposed to be posted last month, but you know me ;D

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 4:09am 2 day stay in HK We went to the airport and I was playing with the TV as a mirror and acting, making faces and there was one man who was looking at me through the TV and laughed, talk about embarassing o_O

In the Airplane  <3

In the Airplane ❤

This was in the Philippines, when we were leaving to HK :)


When we reached hong kong, we rode a taxi to reach the hotel and the steering wheel of the taxi was on the right side which is uncommon for us and it felt wierd but the taxi is very good looking B-)

Taxi in Hong Kong :D

Taxi in Hong Kong :D

my dad even got confused :D . And did I mention that HK has mostly small and cute things. When we reached the hotel, it was… sort of small… actually, very small =)




And in the next day, we went to Disney Land.



It was so much fun! My favorite ride was the boat and the grizzly gulch mountain thing and the funny part was the last show we watched, Stitch :-D he was like a talking robot, an AI =) My dad was called and Stitch said “Hi Baron (his pronounciation), you look very familiar, you were the one I met in jail, I was number 626 and you were 358!” then my dads picture was shown in an ID version. We were laughing like heck! :-D and stitch talked to this other lady named Francini and he asked “Francini do you have a boyfriend?” and she replied “no I have a husband” and stitch said “You have a husband. good good, so you have no boyfriend. I can be your boyfriend” we all laughed. It was fun there in Disney Land, the only downside was the very long queue and the very hot weather, oh yes.

My feet was aching soo much. i it was worth waiting for though. There were lots of rides that we still havent ridden but it was okay. =) And the firework at the end before leaving disney land was wonderful B-)

My new headsets my parents bought me :) Thank you!!

Before we left Hong Kong we bought some stuffs and we ended up losing lots of money :-DMy parents even bought me an expensive headset which they got for a cheaper price :-)

Then we all rode a taxi back to the airport to go home.

I thank God for bringing us home safely :) and for giving us a fun trip! I lost some weight from eating small chickellina (Chicken + Thumbellina) get it? get it? I know Im not the best joker but if you saw the size of that thing you could’ve  died laughing :D


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