I am a Shoe (Inspired by ‘A brick, is never just a brick’)

Shoes... in black.

Shoes… in black.

Dec. 22 2012

I am a shoe. Not just a shoe, the shoe.

The shoe… in black. Black, with a tint of grey.

And not just grey. Grey, like the clouds with rain about to fall.

I also have a bite mark, from a dog. And not just a dog, the dog.

The dog who barks at our neighbor’s tree. But it is not just a tree.

It is the tree on which my shoemaker’s son use to climb.

His son wears shoes. Not just shoes, big brown buckly shoes.

One of which slipped of his feet.

And he fell…

I am made for a reason. Many reasons. Same as my twin.

No, he doesn’t have bite marks, nor does he have a tint of grey.

But he is a shoe, I am a shoe. But not just shoes…

Never just shoes…

– Mary Pacis (MFDYP)


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