OMG! Best Christmas Ever!

My WANTED Books <3

My WANTED Books ❀

I was feeling rather lonely this Christmas. None of my friends (my age) came. So I was stuck. Alone. In an elders party. But it is okay. Cause it is not about the food or gifts (Maybe it is) but it is about, Jesus and your family.

Anyways, I got the books I’ve been hunting! I only expected one of them, but instead I got FOUR! πŸ˜€

Oh yeah! So happy! Since it is Christmas, I decided to lay of the internet, except for youtube to listen to music. But I really had to post this!

OH and my mom! She got a Galaxy S3! My dad bought it for her. My mom never really expected a gift. But my dad sure does know how to make my mom feel special… When she opened it, she smiled so wide, even though she was supposed to be angry at him for spending so much money…

(Contented) Sigh. I still had some emotional problems though. No weight was lifted of my shoulders. I wont tell you the reason though. But I made a song/poem for it.

Anyways, forget about my problems πŸ˜€ My Aunt Joy is gonna give birth tomorrow! To a baby girl! Named Veronica!

I also made a poem about her, and I will also add pictures. But I will post it all tomorrow, after Christmas πŸ˜€

And Also! I had a skype chat with my family in the Philippines

Nanay Maring (Grandma)

Nanay Maring (Grandma)

Ate Clouds and Tita Lek (Claudine and Aunt lek)

Ate Clouds and Tita Lek (Claudine and Aunt lek)

Merry Christmas! And Advance Happy New Year

Thank you Lord! For being with me through thick and thin. And that even though it is your birthday, you still give. πŸ™‚


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