1 John 4:7-9

A Season of God’s Love

You know how we go through different seasons in our Christian walk?  We may go through a season of joy, a season of testing, a season of peace, etc.  I’ve been noticing that this season—for me at least and I’m sensing for many others as well—is turning out to be a season of God’s love.  To those that are sensitive to the Spirit I feel that God has been wooing us.  God is repeatedly saying, I love you!  But He’s not just saying it, He’s showing His love to us.  He’s pouring out His love over His church and when this happens miracles happen.  When the love of God is poured out restoration of all kinds takes place.  Pastors who once came off as condemning are coming to tears on the pulpits speaking of the love of God.  Prophetically, God is restoring His church and…

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