My random Story Idea! A FORBIDDEN love story… wink wink…

Forbidden Love Story

A guy is in the hospital because of a plane crash. His story goes a lil’ somethin’ like this.

I met a girl, she was funny, tempermental, hyper, random… but I didnt meet her in the real world… I met her on, twitter…

It started with a random tweet that has something to do about fishes flying… I guess?

There were millions of comments and replies about my statement, but hers was the most unique… I still remember every single word… “meow :”>”

I couldnt help but reply. I dont exactly know what really happened yet, but all I remember was, she started pouring her heart out about her brothers death, this and that, we became very close buds, pen pals, and apparantely, my online girlfriend… but I didnt know, that we were actually more than just buds or girlfriend and boyfriend…

My name is Ryan Kingsley and I have found, my long lost sister, Lauren Venice… Kingsley.

How did Ryan find out? Will they continue their relationship? Ask Mary Pacis to find out! e-mail now @


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