When I write…

When I write, it is filled with so much emotion. I write at extreme pain. Extreme happiness. I write at days where I feel gloom. And I can’t seem to sleep without writing about my day.

I literally have MILLIONS of books that I don’t even write on, I just collect them, leave them on the shelf for years and years to come…

I rarely write on notebooks, unless I am motivated to, but aside from that, BARELY. I either type it out on my phone or on the notepad of our computer…

But notebook or computer, when I write… it’s so much more than just an ink on a paper…



If you scroll down my blog, most of the things you will see are poetry, bible verses, music videos, blah blah blah, are rarely things about my life, etc.

Well that’s the thing… I write all those stuffs on my PRIVATE journal, in which you guys might get a sneak peak on cause you guys are all special 😉 (wink, wink)

OOh! and I’ll be posting some of my dream journals! Where all my random dreams are gonna be shared to a bunch of strangers… (that sounded mean…)

My dad is the dream translator btw.

If you saw my journal, everything is so random!

I love writing ❤

^ Like that…


Also! Writing is my way of learning more about Jesus. The more I write, the more questions will form in my head, and my curiosity will grow. Which will lead me to research and read the bible.

Writing is also my way of sharing the word of God and controlling my emotions…

There are MANY things I could achieve from writing… Not only does it benefit me, but you guys too!

I don’t really know what else to say, because this is supposed to be ONE topic only and I don’t want to change it with my random brain, sooo… God Bless!


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