Silk Worm…


I am a Silk worm, for I know that one day, I will emerge from the dark, and shine bright like a diamond ❤ – Mary Pacis

Some people are impatient and want to rush into things to fulfill their unknown needs. Things like love, relationships, sex, etc.

It is said in Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.

I am not the silk worm that lives in a dark pupa, doubting if the time would really come, and wallowing in self pity.
I am the silk worm that dreams and fulfills those dreams, spinning a thread, half a mile long, waiting for the right time…

The pupa resembles the trials in life.

But the silkworm, instead of asking “Why me Lord?”

He asked “Lord what are you trying to teach me?”

So the silkworm found joy, in the middle of his pain, because he knows that God can and will, use our pain, for the benefit of our growth.


Our Daily Walk by Bob Marette

images from The Story of a Silkworm by Nooreddin Zarrinkelk (Iran, 1970s)

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