I never saw it that way… to tell you honestly, I thought my friend was doing her job dragging our other friend to church… hehe… it felt quite wrong though, I felt as if something was missing, no matter how many things she has tried. We dragged her body to church… but not her heart… I think its time for us to show her the door, but wait till she enters it.

Milewski Road Trip

What do you do when someone doesn’t want to be rescued?

Do you drag them, kicking and screaming?  Do you try your best to convince them?  How do you handle it?

It’s a little different when we are talking about leading someone to Christ.  While we see it as God “rescuing” them, most people don’t see it that way.  They don’t equate living life on their own, away from God as needing a life preserver.  It was never our job to save people; that’s the job of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  We feel as though we were rescued by Him (which we were), but do you remember how you felt before you were rescued?

You can’t convince someone they need Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is what speaks to people and convinces them of their need for Him.  We just say what needs to be said and go where we…

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