Slight Panic Attack ._.”

I was soooo nervous! Do you know how it feels like to go to school in the WRONG uniform?!

Okay, so I was in the bus just reading ‘Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella’ when the bus abruptly came to a halt… The bus apparently had a flat tire and couldn’t go on… after hearing this, I silently praised myself for bringing a book… after waiting for what felt like HOURS, 2 substitute buses came, as everyone from the bus stood up, I noticed that EVERYONE as in EVERYONE was either in their scout uniforms or PE uniforms, and I was the only one in the normal uniform, so I had this slight panic attack, and I started to mentally scold myself and predict what would happen and what I should say if it does happen…


I was assigned to the other bus and sat down, too nervous to read my book. Thankfully nobody mentioned the uniform. So I relaxed slightly, until I over heard the bus nanny talking about going to the camp site immediately, but I am not even part of the camp! So panic rose again and I started to think of what will happen…

Sooo long story short… I came to SCHOOL and found out that the uniform didn’t matter, and that we don’t have classes but have school….

So you can imagine how… I felt… >.<

Anyways, it was quite boring, me and my classmates did nothing but sing and sing and… well, sing! I also went to the library and after reading, I look up to see EVERYONE gone, I felt embarrassed, but I was still a bit dazed, so I didn’t really do anything but walk to the classroom feeling like I woke up from a long sleep, take my bag, and walk to the bus…


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