I thought my blog was worthless…

Just a little message!


I once thought my blog was worthless, I thought that nobody reads it, and that it is too random for anyone’s liking. But I always remind myself as I had read in the bible, that in whatever I do, I should work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.

I went to read some of the comments posted for the WHOLE blog and (most of them was me) I felt so blessed. Most of the comments said “Thanks” “God Bless” etc. and it felt good to be helping people and sharing the word of God.

To tell you guys honestly, I am a VERY talkative person, but most of you already know that, if you guys have read my other posts.

I havent been blogging much this and last month, mainly because of school and I am soo busy with projects and homeworks, this and that… but I will update you guys soon!

Anyways, that reason for this post is to thank you guys for all the support (you might have or might have not known you have given) because they help me a lot. Not only are you guys learning more about God, but i am too! So thank you…


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