I’m almost done!

Credits: Google Image

Credits: Google Image

I was washing the dishes, when I saw my mom eating her ‘break fast’ pretty quickly.

“Maybe if I was fast enough, she won’t be able to put her plate on my sink.” I thought.

So I scrubbed faster than superman can go and washed away all the soap. I looked at my mom’s side to see her eating the last piece of Banana cue (breakfast).

Lucky for me, I was done with the dishes and quickly wiped all the soap from the sink.

My mom was about to put her plate on the sink, but I ran to my room before she could.

My mom laughed and said “I see what you did there!”

It’s these small things that me and my family have that make me feel contented and happy, and I thank the Lord for giving me a family, that is not only happy and cheerful, but is also faithful to the Lord our God.

Facebook Status:

Me: *Washing the dishes and see’s mom almost finished eating.
Mom: *Eating fast… nom nom nom
Me: *Washes faster hoping mom doesn’t put her plate on my sink.
Mom: *Finished eating
Me: *Finished washing and runs off to room
Mom: *Laughs* I see what you did there, Dannelle >.<


1 John 4:19

We love because he first loved us.


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