Don Moen and Friend’s concert!

Don Moen's concert

Don Moen’s concert

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T’was a freezin’ cold evening in Don Moen and friend’s concert… I was exhausted! But it was worth singing praises to The Lord.

and it was literally freezing! There were many people lining up to see the concert, but it was quite fast, so we didn’t have to wait an hour…





It was such and enjoyable moment for me. And I thank the Lord for giving me and my family an opportunity to go to this concert 🙂 We had lots of laughs. Especially when mom thought we were gonna be seen in the big screen because she saw the camera coming our way, except it wasn’t really a camera, but a stroller >.<

Their songs are very inspiring and lively. I love country music! My favorite one is “Somebody’s praying for me”

In the concert, Don Moen said “Somebody’s praying for you, and if you know who they are, call them or text them, and say ‘thank you for praying for me”

So… thank you, all of you, who has prayed for me. You might not know it, but I am also praying for you… God Bless everyone!



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