Random Untitled poem about my confusing brain…


I close my eyes and think if some days would ever change,
If days would just fly pass me,
If I’d like to stay the same…

Pondering on things that can never really come true,
It’s really such a shame that all my thoughts are all on you.

Sometimes you would make me turn to different shades of grey,
I wonder which side I should go,
Should I leave or should I stay…

But from all the things we’ve done, I still don’t think you understand,
That I am your young sidekick and you’re my superman.

This poem is quite confusing, I really shall admit,
But so is my befuddled brain,
Not many would permit.

I should seriously stop rhyming, and put myself to sleep,
So au revoir now!
It’s time to count some sheep!

– Mary Pacis [10:54 pm]


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