Embarrassing moments :”}

Embarrassing moments :”}

I also have some embarrassing moments of my own so you guys are not alone… so first, my MOST embarrassing moments.

1) I’m sure God gave me a talent and I love it and use it to serve him, but I get really nervous and I know that must have meant I lost my trust, but it’s hard to rid it, so I joined this singing contest in my school TPS, and tell you what, I failed miserably, but what the heck, it was my first time… but to the whole school… sigh :)

2) You know my love for animals, so again in TPS, I saw these kids throwing rocks on this cute pigeon which I noticed was an orphan 😥 so I carried it and some kids said some very bad words to me but I didn’t mind, all I knew was I was trying to help the bird, then I did the most embarrassing thing (or at least to me), I asked EVERYONE to take care of the bird (of course most refused) but yeah… so I looked like a hobo begging for money :D

3) My most minor embarrassing moments was when the teacher calls me and I stand up and nothing comes out of my mouth cause I do not know the answer :P

PS. I left the school cause there were lots of bullies and I was so embarrassed :(

Note: I just re-blogged this from some of my old posts…


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