Lovely Rose -Mary Pacis

Lovely Rose.

Lovely Rose.

I see, I see, her beauty flee, but kind hearted she stays.
Though she is weak, she finds the strength to smile in all her ways.

Beautifully made, entwined with fragile, silky petals. Covered with the Father’s blood, for she is very special.

In a vase they kept her, to remind them of their lover, to remind them of the memories, the memories of their endeavor.

By time, her petals start to fall, though they never fall together,
Even if the rose dies… its meaning, stays forever…

– Mary Pacis Feb. 27 213 [5:30 PM]


3 thoughts on “Lovely Rose -Mary Pacis

  1. MY, My, littlest sister your good, maybe I should leave all the poem writing to you! 🙂 Maybe not I will just have to try harder! May you see Yeahua’s face the very moment you open your eyes each day as He smiles with love brighter than the sun, Amen.

    • This comment touched my heart big brother, I was a bit sad until I read this comment and remembered that God is always there with me… May God bless you with the power to touch people’s heart and show them the greatness of our God…
      – Mary Pacis

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