Helping a Man in Need…

March 7


Our Heart Group went to a hospital and sat down to wait for the rest. While we were waiting, a tall, black, man came up to us and asked to borrow a phone to call his friend/ family. My heart started to race and my brain was flooded with thoughts… thoughts like “What if he runs with the phone?” etc. etc.

My dad being a faithful servant of God, lent his business phone to the man, the man’s tough looking face was covered by need and sorrow. I positioned myself so I would be able to run to the man and catch him if he does run, concocting an idea and predicting what would happen…

It was quite weird that I was really thinking of running to a big man twice my size, If I ran after this man, I could get hurt and would most likely fail in getting the phone… The man quickly took the phone and dialed a number, said a few things and gave the phone back to my dad, doing this, I found out that the Lord was testing our faith and courage and I was wrong to judge the man by his looks… Would you lend your phone?


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