I’m Unique, just like everyone else -Unknown

I am a zebra like all others, like all others I’m unique – Mary Pacis

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

Isn’t it quite ironic? Like your supposed to be unique, but everyone else is too 😀 I just found this pretty funny, I hope you guys do too, which is the specific reason for posting this random quote…

Apparently,  I have been feeling a bit left out and also self conscious… I used to think that “God made me in His image, for a reason” and I still  believe in that, but I can’t help but over think…

My friends say I think too much, though it is very true, it still doesn’t stop me from contemplating… can I change the way I think? Maybe… Is it a good thing to think too much? is there a difference between thinking too much and worrying? These are questions that starts to form in my head…

There was this one time (I’m not sure if I already told this story) when I was talking to myself, I tend to do this a lot, but it isn’t at all weird, many people talk to themselves, it’s just that, I am known to be weird and crazy, people have that planted in their heads already… I’m okay being called weird and crazy, for fun and all… but to take it seriously? Now I’m really wondering if I am…

So anyways, I was talking to myself when one of my friends asked “Mary, are you a special child?” my classmate beside her scoffed and I kind of felt a bit, I don’t know, shocked that someone would ask such a question, but then again, she said ‘special’ so I’m not sure which special was she referring to, so I voiced out my thoughts and said “What exactly do you mean by, special?” but before she could answer “Of course not, I am not mentally disordered…”

It was kind of rude to ask that kind of question and quite personal… I mean, just adding the word ‘special’ doesn’t make it any less bad…

I just noticed, that I have been thinking about this ‘special child’ thing… what’s past is past, I know I am not… crazy or mentally deprived or anything… so what’s the point of thinking about it now?

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present. 
– Bil Keane

I’ve been so self conscious of my skin, hair, legs, etc. most people say “You look pretty just the way you are…” then what is stopping me from believing this is true… maybe, it’s just me…

Maybe it is because I simply “Think too much”

It’s good to think, but not too much 😀

I never really wish to go back to the past, all I miss are the good ol’ memories – Mary Pacis


3 thoughts on “I’m Unique, just like everyone else -Unknown

  1. Mary, Just one more thing I would like you to think about. I work as a electrician, in this job I need special kinds of tools to do this job. For example I sometimes work with wires that are high voltage I need special gloves to do this job. I need special kinds of screw drivers and other special tools too if I did not have these special tools the job could not be done. My littlest sister you are very special and God made you to do a very special job for Him that only you can do. Right now He is training, teaching and growing you in a very special way. Mary when you think you are talking to yourself you are not you are really talking to Jesus. He is listening to your every word. I know for I do the same thing all day everyday! I know you are special, Jesus knows you are special, so do what He did, Forgive them for they know not what they say.
    Now our loving Jesus will you wrap your arms around my littlest sister and give her a kiss of star dust tonight. Do this because she is special and You love her, do this because we love You, Amen.

    • Thank you big brother, I’m here with my friends and I’m holding my phone crying because of what you said, and crying as I type back down, it’s a good thing everyone’s a little busy with their phones as well, if you’re wondering, we are having a sleepover and had just woken up 😀 I keep typing and backspacing thinking of what to type, this is how speechless I am… it’s a good speechless though… I feel, loved. And my boat has swayed a little too far, but now it’s back into it’s Maker’s arms, and the Maker used you, to row me back… and I thank you for that big bro ❤

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