Real vs. Fake (A Short Story)

Lovely Rose.

Lovely Rose.

I stare at the dying rose, all of it’s petals has fallen, only one stays, but it’s strength fades as well…

“Isn’t it ironic that a man gives his loved one a rose, when the rose dies no matter how much water you give it…” My best friend Anna stated.

I stared at the rose John gave me and watched it’s last petal dramatically fall as Anna rambled continuously.

“I mean, why can’t they give fake rose, it lasts longer!” Anna exclaimed.

Though it is true, why NOT give a fake one instead?

“Because LOVE is a verb, it needs action, simply saying I LOVE YOU doesn’t matter if you don’t do something… even if the rose dies, it’s meaning stays forever…” I said, feeling proud of myself for saying it so smoothly.

“That is right” Anna said thoughtfully “But what does it have to do with a fake rose? I mean, even though the rose is fake, it’s meaning stays forever… and it’s petals as well.” She joked

I scowled at Anna “Fine, just ruin a well spoken speech… Well, it’s better if it’s real, fake one’s are just too… fake!”

She laughed and I can’t help but laugh with her, it’s just too contagious… it’s a good way to start the day…

– Mary Pacis


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