Sneaky for Food.

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

If you are seeing a picture of a nice yummy looking Velvet cupcake, then you guys must know what I was feeling… hunger…

The story starts (Taylor Swift: when it was hot and it was summer and) in the bus, a teacher from our school came inside and revealed a few small cupcakes, not just cupcakes, they were my FAVORITE Red Velvet Cupcakes! Being me, I started imagining the scene of what would happen and if the scene I wanted didn’t happen, what would be my plan?

My plan.. Well since he placed his Oh-so-yummy cupcakes next to him and not INSIDE his bag, there is a slight possibility where he might forget his Oh-so-yummy cupcakes.

Since I already know when/where the school teacher’s stop is, I decided to sleep for awhile and travel to Lalaland.

I woke up right on time, the teacher was about to leave, please don’t look back, please don’t look back I would whisper to myself. AND he didnt! I was practically ‘happy dancing’ in my mind and kind of guilty I didn’t remind the man to get his cupcakes.

But I still don’t have the cupcakes in my hands, and since he didn’t bring it with him, such a sad thing to waste… I know I know, I should’ve reminded him about his “precious” little cupcakes, sigh, just typing this makes me wonder….

Anyways! I wasn’t the only one who wanted those Oh-so-yummy cupcakes, but there was this young girl who got up and checked if it was still there, my idea was to look at her so she would sit back and leave m- the teacher’s cupcakes alone. Hah. She did. Now all I did was wait until all of the passengers where looking at the winder and would not be able to see what I am doing using their peripheral vision, and when all of them was looking away, I took this as the time to snatch the cupcakes… slowly…

And then there was my stop and I was able to successfully get the cupcakes. Mission accomplished. But now I am wondering, if I was God, would I take those cupcakes? Would I give it back to the man?

This little-cupcake-sneaking-technique may seem innocent to other people, ‘other people’ being me, but then if you think about it enough, Is this considered a sin? Now, now you might be thinking “but the man forgot to bring it with him, so why waste a good snack?” apparently that was what I thought but then it is also my fault since I was the one who didn’t remind the man. I am a bit proud of myself, not because I successfully got a nice and yummy velvet cupcake, but because I learnt something. I was about to only talk about my cupcake sneaking tactics but then how would my blog be called “My Life with Christ” if I only talked about snatching some cupcakes that aren’t mine?


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