Infinite Love.

Credits to: Eddy Tan

Credits to: Eddy Tan


Limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate: “an infinite number of stars”.

I imagine myself falling in a never ending hole of memories, remembering those good times when there was not a care with how you look or how people think about you. All you feel is joy. That’s that. I remember that peace I had with my family on my thirteenth birthday, not just the typical family with your mom and dad, but by family I mean cousins, relatives, etc. I was never so keen on parties,  and once I found that my family were preparing a birthday party for me and my grandma- since we both have the same birthdays- I panicked a bit on the inside. I don’t like parties. Birthday parties, halloween parties, funeral parties… they’re just a big no no for me.

It was time for the party… me, my Aunt, and her mom already went shopping for some nice clothes. My Aunt is a model. So it isn’t surprising if she found a good looking dress. The only question that remains is, would it look pretty on me? Well it was a good thing it did.

The party was held outdoors, it was very simple and since I am not very good at explaining, I will go no further than that. We went swimming, sang some songs, told stories, and took lots of pictures. It was fun. But I am going to far ahead, we were talking about joy. So you might be asking, What joy would you find in a party you don’t even want to attend? 

Well, it was time to cut the cake, me and my Grandmother was hauled from our chairs to blow the candles. Then they started singing “Happy Birthday”, I was forcing a smile since I still had that ‘I don’t like parties’ feel, but then I turned around to my Grandma, to see her laughing and smiling. My heart just melted at the sight that I couldn’t help but smile as well, a real smile… and then I noticed something I haven’t noticed for a while… Here I am, with my family and my Grandma, on our special day, I felt content. Everything just went in slow motion, you know, like the one’s in the movies. It’s at these moments where I felt the most joy, and I thanked God for this…

Have you ever heard the poem ‘Time’ By Henry Van Dyke?

Time is too slow for those who wait,

Too swift for those who fear,

Too long for those who grieve,

Too short for those who rejoice,

But for those who love,

Time is eternity.

And that’s what I felt… Love…


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