Spring Break

The beautiful sky God has created.

The beautiful sky God has created.

Today is our spring break! Thank you Lord! I had been very grumpy and stressed, but it says there in the book of Colossians that in whatever we do, we should work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. Well just because I have my Spring break, doesn’t mean I still don’t have any home works to complete, Ahhh so much to do! But, the Lord did so much more, and I have to remember that.

Anyways, I’m worrying again… Sometimes people can forget… but I remember what the Lord said to Martha, “Martha Martha, you worry too much, but there is only one thing needed” 

It feels so good to be in love with the Lord God, even when in pain… I feel (in my own experience) that when I am in the most pain, that is when I feel the glory and goodness of God. Though to some people who doesn’t know the Gospel, this would be weird and ironic. But I tell you the truth surely it is not.

I was suffering from what teenagers so commonly call ‘Procrastination’. This dangerous disease. Haha no it is not a disease, but it feels as though… I get distracted very easily. When I start to go serious, open my book, praying to God He would help me with my studies. then when I start reading, my phone would buzz or something like that and distract me from studying… then I decide to put my phone faaar away and FOCUS, but theeeen I would spot the mirror and make faces, talk to myself and all those silly things I shouldn’t be doing when I’m supposed to be studying. Then I would think ‘This is HOPELESS!’, get stressed, and start crying…

The thing I didn’t understand then was, if I wanted to win the battle between temptation, I have to leave it all to God, because there is no fight left. Chances are, if I kept fighting, I would most likely lose the battle and satan would win…


One thought on “Spring Break

  1. This is so true. Fighting temptation so often becomes our downfall. We must learn to “let go and let God”. All He wants is for us to give up to Him, He WANTS to fight our battles for us.
    The Lord Jesus bless you!
    I love how you said that you are in love with God. That is beautiful.
    Keep serving Him!

    In Him;

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