Bible Verse of the Week. (Accepting Others)

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Roman 15:7

Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory.


There are many Christians who always want to win a fight. They share the word of God but without LOVE and UNDERSTANDING. We have to understand that they will not LISTEN to you, unless they know that you CARE. You have to earn their TRUST, ACCEPT them, understand them. It is not about winning an argument. We do not want to win an argument, we want to WIN THE SOUL. We want to GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS, but not to make enemies.

We need to have COMPASSION. We have to be WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE. Don’t be afraid to go to the President and think he’ll win because of his knowledge. Philosophers always win, but they are SPIRITUALLY BLIND. Don’t choose whom you share with. We should share the word of God WHENEVER, WHEREVER and to WHOMSOEVER.

“People are always INTERESTING, whatever they are, what they do, they have a story to tell.”

1. Ethos- Reflect Jesus. (You have to Live It Out)

2. Pathos- Root of sympathy and empathy. (You have to show that you care and understand.)

3. Logos- The WORD. The content of what you’re saying. (Before you can share, you have to read the bible, know the word…)



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