Gossip -Mary Pacis


Be Careful.

One Move.

One step.

Think twice.

Its a lytic infection, it spreads.

In the herd you stay, wrong move, you’re dead!

Be Careful.

One move.

One step.

Think twice.

Nothing they say is real, and no one knows how I really feel.

The smile on my face, deceiving. But no one knows that I’m actually grieving.

Be Careful.

One move.

One step.

Think twice.

– Mary Pacis


I went outside my classroom to eat in peace without anyone bothering me.

Then this guy came up to me and asked a random question, probably just to get my attention, and then left. Lets just say Im not popular with the boys and one of my classmates saw me talking to ‘him’ and literally screamed it to the whole class… yeah…

So I made this poem and added a pirate-ish tune, like in the movie ‘les mislerables’… if thats how you spell it…

God bless you guys! and no gossiping!


3 thoughts on “Gossip -Mary Pacis

  1. Mary, My littlest sister I wish I had great words of wisdom that would cheer you. I do not for I know this pain and I know it is real. Monday an old friend betrayed me and again today another. each time I heard the Holy Spirit whisper forgive like Jesus. To me to forgive that I must erase from my mind that this action ever took place. Look at Acts 7:60 I had to forgive like Stephen. Impossible to do with out the Holy Spirit helping! When I do there is such a great peace, I am sorry I have not been much help, Love you sis, your bother brother.

    • You have helped a lot, in many ways. Not even the fundamental principles of counting can help. Im sorry about you’re friend, I hope you have forgiven him. My problem wasn’t actually that bad, the poem just made it sound like I was weeping in the forest. I just wish those girls would stop spreading rumors… now they think I like the guy and would probably send it to the entire school xD

      And thank you again big brother 🙂 You might not know, but you are helping many people with the help of God.. spread the gospel!

      • My littlest sister you are a true treasure your poem was so great I was touched by the pain of the words. Poets are the children of God who have embraced His heart beat and did it very well. Some sing of pain, some sing of joy, but all sing of His Grace.

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