Birthdays, Love, and Joy.


As most of you already know… I am absolutely NOT a big fan of parties, wether its a halloween party, birthday party, funeral party (wink wink). They’re all the same to me.

Until Caleb’s birthday… to tell you the truth, I dont really know how old he is. Well, today is his birthday in which I attended (I had no choice). My teenage friends werent there (besides AJ) and I was quite lonely. I didnt mind though.

It was time to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy. This happens to be my favorite part besides from the amusement I get from watching the kids play. So, we were all rounding up to sing “Happy Birthday” to Caleb, Caleb, is a very special child (and what I mean by special is UNIQUE, just because someone says special child doesnt automatically mean mentally crazy or something). He is just like all the other boys, and just like other boys, he is unique.

While we were singing Happy Birthday, he had this big grin on his face, he was soo happy. It made me realize that there is really no reason for me to dislike parties or anything. The truth is, I dont even dislike it. I just get bored easily…

I felt my tears start to water. WAIT! What I mean is, I felt my eyes start to water. (Sorry). It was ju- I felt this nice, warm, fuzzy, ticklish, annoying  little feeling inside of me. I dont know why. Maybe its the kid’s smile. He was just SO happy. I then start to imagine me and my kid someday, which made me want to cry more, but my girly (manly) pride wont let me.

Things like these make me feel the joys of being in love with our Father, God. Its really a wonder how He loves us even though we broke His heart many times, He still forgives…

I Love You Jesus.


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