Funny Things JV and Sister Says.

JV and Gab

JV and Gab

March 31, 2013

Dad: You’re in the queue Gab

Gab: Yes, I’m in the Q but I should be in the R…

April 16, 2013

JV: Daaad, what is earth break?

JV’s Dad: Its not earth break son, its earthquake.

JV: Daaaad! Why is the earth quaking?

May 10, 2013

Dad: What’s the date today?

Gab: May 10!

Mom: How did you know Gab?

Gab: Because I saw yesterday is May 9!


Well aren’t kids so cute? Annoying… but cute and pretty smart too. ❤ Maybe that’s why Jesus loves them so much… hmm…


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