The Embarrassment! >.<

Sooo, my aunt just called on the phone and asked for her son, so I did what I always do, shout the name then resume to what I was doing.

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

Thing is, I didn’t notice that her son never came up to the phone and I never really ended the call. And guess what I was doing? I was talking to myself. Well technically I was taking video of myself talking to the camera… when I was done doing what I was doing. I turned around, and spotted the telephone. Gah! I can’t- I can’t take it. So embarrassing. Could she have heard what I was saying?! Arrgh! That would be sooo embarrassing.

Anyways, I don’t know if she DID hear what I was saying or something… so what I don’t know won’t hurt right? WRONG! hehe, sorry, just felt like doing that… you know… eh never mind. Have you guys ever felt embarrassed about something?


8 thoughts on “The Embarrassment! >.<

  1. Well I sure would have enjoyed listening to you talk to yourself, that is where I learn the most about someone! 🙂 Oh my, I think I just embarrassed myself, you didn’t hear that did you?

      • Mary, My littlest sister God has me working on a very special project, just for your generation! When the time comes I would like you to be apart of it! But for now I really need your prayers for I am really making Satan mad and he has been working hard to stop it. There shall be some new poems as they come ok! God Bless, Big Bother Brother!

      • Oooh a like a mission? I’ll be praying 🙂 I’m very sure that Satan would be defeated for God never fails! I’ll be waiting for those poems by the way 😀 God bless you too!

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