Thank you Lord :)


June 14 2013. 5:28 PM.

Just wanted to thank the Lord for this lovely day! Woke up late for church but I started my day with a smile and a prayer, thanking the Lord as I go… right now I’m kind of exhausted, but I wanted to stay up for awhile just to write this before taking a short nap.

Another thing I want to thank the Lord about, is for my friend’s bully problem, the guy behind the scheme finally revealed himself and apologized. He bullied through facebook faking an account and posting real pictures of her that she hasn’t posted on facebook before. Thank the Lord that my friend took this quite well and that she continued to walk with Christ despite the conflicts that she had.

I also want to thank God for my (other) friend and her family’s visa that has been renewed, otherwise they would have to spend their time in the Philippines for I don’t know how long. Though it would be really nice for them to go back to their home country, it would be quite a shock to go there unprepared. So I thank the Lord for that.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Lord for helping me bring another soul to church and introducing her to the Lord Himself and His words. I hope that she would continue visiting and start to grow a strong relationship with Him.



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