The Monkey on the Runway

March 12 2013

I am the monkey on the runway.

credits: Savageinc.

credits: Savageinc.

I swing in the vines of the hollow tree, swinging for life or death.
Running away from the hunters I see, running out of breath.

Drowning in my flood of thoughts and questions I have forsaken,
Remembering that one time when in my dreams, I’ve been awaken.

My mind has thought too much about the past that I grew lost,
In the center of the runway, I somehow felt star-crossed.

If I have been mistaken, a loud noise I could hear, a bright light blinding my eyes, so I scream in fear.

Pain shot throughout my body and I cry in pain,
“Oh dear Lord, Help me!” I say in vain.

The pain no longer evident, I felt warmth surge through my body, and then, I rest in peace…

– Mary Pacis

Credits to: Leanne Guerrero (for randomly writing the title “Monkey on the runway”)


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