The Story of Me- Just Pray…

- Mary Pacis

– Mary Pacis

July 13 2013

JULY 12 2013

Yesterday was a very “Bi-polar” day 🙂 Nonetheless, I thanked the Lord for it. In the morning, I got up with a grumpy aura, knowing very well that, THAT day was our tambourine practice for church and I’m not much of a dancer. It’s been a long time since I’ve danced using the tambourine. So, dancing now… I feel all stiff and awkward. But I kept muttering to myself

‘I’m doing this for the Lord, I’m doing this for the Lord’

And teasing God by saying ‘What I do for love…’ and imagining His reply ‘And do you know what I do for YOU?’

Anyways, another reason why I woke up grumpy in the morning was because Prince (a kid) here wanted to have a sleepover at my house. And I couldn’t say no, since I love kids… well, now I dont. I kind of have this ‘mixed feelings’ when it comes to kids and I swear, I could have died right here and right now.

As I arrived to the dance practice (with Faye), I actually had tons of fun… laughing, eating, and dancing for the glory of the Lord. It was very very fun, and I found out that,

“Whatever you do, when you do it for the Lord, NOTHING is boring”

When I went home after the practice, all sweaty and flushed, we had a bible study with our ‘Heart Group’, and I learnt about LOVE. I found out that there was A LOT I didn’t know about love… Gosh, I need lots of love. *smiley face* 🙂

At the end of the bible study, I joined dad as he sent the people home, and while we were talking, I suddenly felt alone, like nobody understands me and how I feel.

And at night, I cried myself to sleep with the song ‘Just Pray’ by Moriah Peters echoing in my ears… and that’s what I did.


So today, I danced the tambourine at church and I felt good… I will definitely try it again next time. Especially if I’m gonna dance for Jesus ❤

After church, Jelly, Dodo, Aunty Orange, and Krusty went to my house and watched HALF of the World War Z (The computer crashed right at the middle, when the -SPOILER ALERT-). We also ate homemade frenchfries, Pansit Kanton, and watched Yes or No (Thai)

Then we went to Dubai Mall to eat, but as we arrived, Jelly and Krusty had to leave. So me, Dodo, and Orange are left.

I expected it to be awkward, since we aren’t all close, but it was actually good 🙂 Me and Dodo roamed around the mall, talking about life and our family (and our crushes) *wink- wink* ;D

And, I learnt a lot today…

That my Aunty Orange’s husband Joey, worked at Tarzam! Haha but besides that, I found out that,


PS. My hands hurt from writing on this diary.

(A/N: This is really my diary and I tell the truth, hope you guys could relate to this, and remember, GOD HAS A WAY, He always has a way…)



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