Correcting a Quote using a Godly Message

Have you ever seen those smart and relatable quotes that many people re-tweet on twitter, tumblr, Facebook, instagram, etc? Well, not all of those “eye-catching”, “heart-touching”, “worth-laughing” quotes are true… why? Because they lack Godly messages. Teenagers are attracted to these memes and think that these could help them in their near future and the way they are living right now. An example of these quotes:

Credits to the owner <3 Whoever you are.

Credits to the owner.

Sometimes we need to forget some people from our past, because of one simple reason: they just don’t belong in our future.


As a Christian, one of our mission is to share the gospel. Why? To save people and to lift them up to Jesus. And why again? because we don’t want to see them rot in hell… Basically, a person from our past or any person for that matter should never be forgotten because they are family and they belong in our future. They are the children of Christ and they are very very special. No matter what wrong they have done, God told us to forgive and forget… but do NOT forget the person, but forget their sins.


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