Birthday Dismay- Mary Pacis

I do not own this photo

I do not own this photo

July 21, 2013 [12: 55 PM]

Today is my birthday, at least 5 minutes more.

I have my family with me, 1 gift sprawled on the floor.

Call me party pooper, but I can’t help but feel alone,

Though I have many friends, not one would greet me through the phone.

4 minutes left and I’m here typing my pain away,

Hoping tomorrow wouldn’t be a birthday dismay.

Just when I’m about to climb to bed and cry to sleep,

God has his way, and let me say, this birthday would be no dismay.


OMG 1 minute left! xD I’m pretty excited, and yes I did feel alone. But I’m actually happy and blessed! My family are here with me, my grandma is also celebrating her birthday (at the Philippines), and I’m 14! This poem was one that just randomly came up in a spur of moment. Hope you guys liked it! God bless ya’ll!

PS. I edited this poem (the last 3 lines)


2 thoughts on “Birthday Dismay- Mary Pacis

  1. My littlest sister Mary, Oh my I did not know that it was your birthday! OOPS! By my clock is 7:25 PM on July the 22nd so your day is not over yet! So here I go singing to you: Happy Happy Birthday to you my one and only Littlest SISSSS!!!!!!!! HAAPPPPPYY BRRRRITHDAYYYYY!!!!!! TO YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! I know sounds awful, never could sing. Blessings Mary love you in Christ the old big bother brother!!

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