Acceptance & Judgement

I’ve learnt about these two subjects countless of times, but I seem to re-encounter them over and over again. I guess that at times, we tend to stumble upon the same happenings or events from the past for us to truly see and learn what God is trying to tell us. So it is safe to say that, I haven’t truly placed this topic in heart and understand it fully.

At school, one of my friends- who has been my classmate for 3 times in a row now- shared a book entitled “Today Is Your Day by Arun Gogna”

I do not own this picture

I do not own this picture

-and she was just really emotional as she explained why we should read this pocket book, and she also told us about her rivalry with her siblings and that is when she started crying which really touched me- I actually dealt with the same problems she dealt with and we both have our conflicts which is one thing we both have in common- we’re actually no different. Plus! She’s really fun to be with now that her good side over shone her bad side . But before that, I used to hate her, get irritated and annoyed by her presence.

One thing that used to annoy me was her sarcasm, and to be honest, it still (kind of) annoyed me, the only difference is that my point of view has changed. Another thing was that she always wants to win an argument… always. But then, I don’t really know much do I? Do I know what she has been through? No. Do I know what is her intentions? No. Do I know what she is thinking? No. Only God knows and only He could judge. So what gives me the right to judge a person if I barely know anything about him/ her?

And I have another friend who is slightly similar, she is pretty sarcastic and also wants to win an argument every single time and whenever I try to tell her my point of view, she would always shut me up and just stay plain with what she believes in without letting me finish or share what I want to say. I even remember thinking to myself what I would say if she ever said this or that- what my perfect comeback would be, so that I could show her that she can’t win an argument all the time and that she has to listen sometimes even though she thinks it is wrong. A harsher way of saying this is… to shame her. Though I was really tempted to do this, I had to stop myself. What will I earn from this? Yes I might shame her- but other than that, all I would do is hurt her. She’s also the type who denies that she cares- but in truth, she does care and she is capable of hurting. She was also really open to me (though there are still lots of things hidden of course) it’s still pretty rare for her to openly share her feelings (at least that’s what I know). So I also want to open up myself, tell her how I felt and how I feel now. I’m really ashamed of myself, especially since I’m a Christian, for judging both of them- and all the other people I have judged. But everybody makes mistakes, though that is an excuse, it is the truth.

Jesus lovers and Jesus freaks, learn to accept and leave the judging to God.

PS. Their names won’t be posted here. I’m simply sharing a testimony and I have learnt from experience. Not trying to shame or embarrass anyone. Thank you for reading! Have a good night and God bless ya’ll!

HE’LL NEVER STOP LOVING US, NO MATTER HOW FAR WE RUN~ Passion 2013, “God’s Great Dance Floor”


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