Angels: Have you ever met one?

There are angels that live among us. God uses them to minister us. I do not know much about angels. But they truly are amazing… ❤

Grace Alone: Ministering to the Hearts of Women


Has anyone heard the story of the priest who came to the rescue of the young woman involved in a serious head on car crash?

It’s all over the news.

Responders had struggled for quite some time to remove the girl from the mangled car with no luck.

Suddenly, in walks a mysterious man in black. The girl asks him to pray aloud.

Multiple people see the priest as there are many first responders. He is dressed in full on Catholic priest garb. All stop to pray. The priest proclaims that after the prayer is complete they will be able to free the young girl from the car.

Responders and crew turn around to thank the man.

AMEN . . . and she’s freed.

He, on the other hand, gone as if vanished into thin air.

As of now, journalists from around the world and those closely involved with the crash…

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