Liebster Award!… no way!

Isn’t this another good reason to praise the Lord? I would like to thank StephenWhoElse for nominating me this award, it is an honor! I have just read some of his posts recently and I have learnt A LOT!- and I have just started. You can really relate to them and I find myself nodding every time, and the best part is, he includes God- ALWAYS. Its really inspiring. He actually gave me this award a few months ago or was that 2 months ago? Anyway, I wasn’t able to do it because I was so busy with… you know, things. >_< I just hope that there’s no time limit to this thing.

I’m accepting this award and I really want to do it because I want other people to notice my blog. I want God to use me and share His words not only vocally but also through writing and blogging. These awards are actually pretty cool, you get to share about yourself  ^_^ and it gives you this warm fuzzy feeling that you did something worth getting this award, that you have a purpose. So before I turn this into a full pledged speech I would like to thank Stephen again and… lets get on with the challenge!


Section 1: Directions if you accept the Liebster.

The Liebster Award is a “favorite blog” award. The aim is to bring exposure to bloggers and help them discover other amazing blogs and vice versa.

To accept this award, the nominee must do the following:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you, and link back and recognize their blog in your post.
2.  Answer the ten questions posted by the blogger who nominated you!
3.  Nominate ten other bloggers for the award.
4.  Create ten questions for your nominees to answer.
5.  Notify your nominees via comment.

Section 2: Questions I would like my nominees to answer (
1.) What do you struggle with the most?
2.) If you had one question to ask God, what would you ask?
3.) What are you most thankful for?
4.) How do you best handle heated/angry situations?
5.) What is your favorite (Christian) song/band? Why?
6.)  Who is your inspiration? and why?
7.) What is the best thing you have ever achieved at this time being?
8.) What is your goal in life?
9.) What are you most passionate about?
10.) What did you regret doing the most? and what did you learn from it? (You can skip this if you’d like)

My answers to the questions

Since Steven didn’t give us a question to answer, I’ve decided to answer the questions he was given to answer. Haha, confusing I know… or is it just me? Just so you know, some of the questions he answered are some of the questions I chose for Section 2. What can I say? I’m not that creative.

1) What are you most passionate about?

Since I am still a kid, I’m not really sure with what I am passionate about. But what I know for sure is that I love making the Lord proud. Hearing those two words “Well done” gives me assurance that I have done something that pleases the Lord, that’s more than enough.

2) What is your heart’s desire?

To grow SUPER-DUPER close to God, to SHARE the word of God, and to experience the TRUE worship where no one around you matters anymore and you just notice every single blessing you have received from God that you feel like you have touched a portion of heaven. THAT. When I type this, it just makes me want it more.

3) Who was the most influential person in your life?

Ever since I was young, I have always thought that my dad was the most inspiring, influential, and God-fearing person I have ever met. Yes, he has his ups and downs. But I’m always so amazed at how much God has changed my dad and he really showed/reflected it.

4) What are two items on your “bucket list”?

It was always (1.) Make new friends and (2.) Go to heaven. Of course, you’d have to do something to achieve that right? I think each goal you write on your bucket list have the same 2 most important process. Action and prayer.

5) How do you best handle heated/angry situations?

Ah, unfortunately I get these a lot. How do I handle it? Well, the ugliest part of being angry is pushing God away, and I tend to tell Him to wait for a moment and give me time- but what I’m supposed to be doing is giving Him my time. So, I write. I write my problem, why it occurred, how it happened, and what am I gonna do about it. Basically, I’m talking to God through writing.

6) What is your favorite scripture, and how has it helped you on your life’s journey?

There is a lot, but to be honest, I really don’t know. Instead, I’ll tell you my favorite. 1 Thessalonians 5:2  for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. It reminds me to be prepared and ready for the Lord will and is to come. It’s really really exciting, don’t you think? ^_^

7) What do you think are the three qualities to building and maintaining good friendships/relationships?

Trust, love, and kindnessBasically, the weight of your love for a person will relinquish fear and give you just enough to trust the him/her. And whats love without a helping hand? Be kind my friend.

8) What was your most memorable moment in your life?

My 13th birthday in the Philippines with my Grandma and family. 

9) What is your favorite book/author and why?

 I’d say Rick Warren, but I barely read his books- instead, I listen to him. Since I live in a Muslim country, I barely have any Christian books but I’d say that God is my favorite author! ❤ As for worldly books, I’d say Sophie Kinsella (’cause her books are hilarious and romantic) and Rick Riordan (c’ause I’m a fan of Percy Jackson and fantasy).

10)  If you could go anywhere in the world, no attention to cost, where would it be and why?

My first thought was Heaven since it didn’t mention “earth” but then “world” IS “earth” so that means I have to change my answer *pout*. Right now, I just want to go back home in the Philippines, other than that I really really want to go to Jerusalem. And if that dream is never fulfilled, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I’d tell you more but I forgot the bible verse and I’m running out of time.

Liebster Nominations

 Finally! Whoo! That was- tiring and fun 😀 So here are some blogs that inspire me and I think that is so cool! I just hope that they would have time to accept this award. ^_^ I’ll only state a few since I am really lacking time and I can’t wait to finish this so… here it goes… Oh! BTW, not all of these blogs are christian.

That’s all for now! So I can’t stay any longer- busy busy. 😀 I just wish you a Merry Christmas (its still December anyway) and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :3 Take care and God bless my Lovelies ❤


5 thoughts on “Liebster Award!… no way!

  1. My Littlest Sister, Thank-you for the nod: I do appreciate it even if I do not do awards. Congratulation on the AWARD! You deserve such an award! 🙂 If you remember back in one of your post in September I ask you the name of the angel setting on the rock at the tomb of Jesus? Well if you want to know you will find the answer in my new book ” Donkey Tells, A Promise Kept. Hope you will read it some day! May the Lord Jesus Bless you to over flowing this coming New Year, Amen.

  2. Well deserved award 🙂 and I’m so encouraged to see younger bloggers like you with a passion for Jesus! And especially those who live in communities where it is difficult to practice your faith.
    You are the future of His church! 🙂

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