01/18/14 Read, Eat, and Pray

Jan 18 2014


We had a simple gathering with the Pastor and a few church mates at this cool pizza restaurant. It was such a nice and warm (well in reality it was really cold, but I what I meant was that I felt warm) outing. I had this delicious plate filled with pizza, a cool ice tea drink, and a wonderful book to read (special thanks to my Aunt Yen). The title of this book is “A Prisoner And Yet…” and in the back it is written “A Mighty Fortress”.


It’s a true story of this woman named Corrie ten Boom who experienced pain, hunger, harassment, humiliation… and yet, even imprisoned and treated in the most horrible way, she felt peaceand freedom. Just by knowing that the Lord is by her side, calmness surrounds her. Remembering how much Jesus suffered for the world. Nothing could compare. This book is simply beautiful, true, and uplifting. I recommend all of you to read this wonderful book! and if you want, you could add a touch of pizza and buffalo wings. :)



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