“The Lover’s Thief” Poem by Mary Pacis

July 13, 2013

I do not own this picture


[Poem and Psalm about two lovers staying strong in trials with the help of God. Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, for love covers a multitude of sins.]

Capo 3 Em-C-G

Her voice is like a ghostly whisper,
Like silk that dances with the wind.

She didn’t know what love did to her,
But maybe the dark thief did.

They fly across the moon ever so swiftly,
Riding on a hurricane.

Their minds confuse from mixed emotions,
But with God He will unlock their chains.

She saw the thief and through his scars,
He saw her beauty from afar.

But beauty was not all he saw,
For she stole his heart, ignored every flaw.

They danced around the largest mountain,
Sang under the darkest caves.

Their love spew water like a fountain,
Love is the reason why they’re saved.

Stay tuned for any further updates on this poem šŸ™‚ Take care and God bless!


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