The Wound & The Stitches || Poem

April 24 2014, Thursday [12:01 AM]

The Wound and The Stitches (The Lies & The Truth)

I lost a friend, with one lie.

I held it in ’till time flew by,

and guilt had practically drowned me.

I used to wonder, how she thought of me,

But seeing her so deeply wounded,

I have never felt so sorry. 

How could I undo a lie?

I failed, but I tried.

Now that the stitches had come undone,

The wounds still hasn’t healed.

Do I seal it in with another thread?

Or should it heal itself?

Lord, I have dishonored Your name,

Please forgive me, a sinner wallowing in shame.

I am unclear of what I should do…

Lord please help me, understand her point of view.

Help me to accept rejection.

Help me to fix what I had broken,

Teach me to be like Your Son, though I may not reach to perfection.

I am in deep regrets I must admit.

And when I say sorry, I genuinely mean it.

Mary Pacis





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