College Dilemma || Needed Prayers

This whole summer I spent the nights (and mornings too) constantly thinking about college. Well Mary that’s a good thing! Getting excited for college is no big deal… Hoo no, I spent the nights (and mornings) ANXIOUSLY thinking about college. The unhealthy kind. I couldn’t stop searching for schools, looking for a good course to study, and where I should study. It’s crazy. Well, here’s the thing, I have always loved Veterinary Medicine ever since I was a little kid and until now. But I want to study in UAE, where I grew up. It’s more familiar to me and I get to live with both my parents. Problem is, there is not a single Vet School standing! So search again, think again.

I still really wanted to study in Dubai which led me to my second choice, Nursing. I never really considered nursing since I was always so “in-love” with vet. med. it never really entered my mind. But Nursing in many ways is so much better than Veterinary Medicine… Gasp, Mary! How could you say that? You’ve loved Vet. Med. all your life! Well, it may be my passion but I have to consider the costs, the area, my parents, and most especially, God. God… Have I forgotten? Oh Lord, I bet you’re already done with my future.

Do you guys wonder why I chose Dubai instead of my own country? It’s because, if I go study in the Philippines I’d have to be separated from my dad who has to work in Dubai to earn and provide for me, my mom, and my sister. So, yes it’s a pretty hard decision for me.

Mary, remember Romans 8:28? In all things and I mean, ALL things (good or bad) God works for the good of those who LOVE Him, who have been called according to HIS PURPOSE. So no matter what your decision is, even if you may have made a mistake, God will turn it into something beautiful and good

Thank You… Man, reading God’s word can really help a lot in times like these. I feel sad for those who seek help from the wrong person/thing. Anyway, when I checked the Nursing schools in Dubai, they’re only 4-6 of them, they’re all an hour away from home and the tuition costs 20k-60k AED per semester (that is without the transportation/uniform/other things). In short, it’s too far and faaaar too expensive. Search again, think again.

I’ve decided to check the nursing schools in the Philippines. There are lots of good universities and the tuition fees are very affordable. Hey, maybe the Philippines isn’t so bad after all. But then there are some important things to consider… We have to buy a house. Admission for the schools is far to early, it’s the same with the entrance exams and I’m not even in the Philippines to take it. It took me 2 months of searching and thinking to finally realize that my future is something only The Lord could know and reveal. Like my Princess God mother taught me about God’s sovereign will… It is something we might never understand until it occurs. And once we see the results, then we will come to know why God allowed it in the first place.

So right here, right now I lay down all these fear, anxiety, and worries about college and my future and give it all to God. Lord, I trade it for Your joy and peace πŸ™‚ I know that I can’t do it on my own, so Lord, I ask you to direct my steps to where you want me to go. And I also pray for those who struggle with the same conflict, Lord that you cast away all their burdens and that you give them rest and assurance that YOU, O God, will ALWAYS keep your promise. Thank you so much, Father. We commit this day and our lives to you, Lord Jesus. In Jesus’ most precious and powerful name, AMEN!

Before you leave this post, I just want to let you know that God has a perfect plan for you and for me, not to harm us but to make us prosper and give us hope (Jeremiah 29:11) There’s no need to worry, there’s no need to feel burdened because if The Lord is for us, then who can be against us? Though it is normal to feel anxious, may it be a reminder of our need and dependence on God, do not let it destroy you and keep you from God but instead draw you closer to Him. Amen?

I hope and pray that you have learnt something from this post as of I, writing it. My dilemma hasn’t gone yet, so I ask of you (those who are reading) to please include me and my family on your list of prayers. Thank you guys so so much! We love you and God bless you πŸ™‚


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